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Mel'yanneth Skywar

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The Mel'yanneth Skywar was fought between the Imperium and Eldar Corsairs in 877.M41.[1]


Blood Angels Captain Metraen is charged with the destruction of the Eldar Raiders operating from a fortress hidden in the poisonous atmosphere of the gas giant Mel’yanneth. Harnessing the Chapter’s entire fleet of Stormraven and Thunderhawk Gunships, Metraen initiates an unprecedented airborn assault. Stormravens jink through the blaze of anti-aircraft fire to disgorge Assault Squads and Terminators directly onto the floating fortress’ docking platforms. This hard-hitting infantry force swiftly secures landing zones for Land Raiders and Predators to arrive via Thunderhawk Transporters.[1]

As the battle rages through the fortress’ hangars and service shafts, the overwhelming firepower and determination of the Blood Angels soon begins to tell. Realizing the hopelessness of their situation, the Eldar pirates abandon their fortress, though not before they have sabotaged its gravity nullifiers.[1]

The Blood Angels are forced to beat a desperate retreat as the fortress is sucked into Mel’yanneth’s hungry maw. Only the incredible skill of the Blood Angels gunship pilots, who fearlessly plunge their craft into the deepening gravity well to rescue their battle-brothers, prevents the victory from becoming a crushing defeat.[1]