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Merihem was an Obliterator of the Iron Warriors who served in the Third Grand Company. After becoming infected with the Obliterator Virus, Merihem was twisted into a gigantic hideous mess of flesh and machine and lost any sense of honor. Becoming little more then a self-centered killing machine, this path led him to be considered such a danger to his own Battle-Brothers that he was locked up by Warsmith Andraaz. After decades of confinement, the Iron Warriors own desperation to fight off an Ork invasion in the Siege of Castellax resulted in Merihem being set free to fight the Greenskins. After slaughtering many of his mortal guards, Merihem agreed to join Rhodaan against the Greenskins on the condition that he would be allowed to exact his revenge for his imprisonment against the Iron Warriors once the battle was done.[1a]

Helping Rhodaan and his Raptor brothers battle Ork forces throughout Castellax, Merihem later aided Rhodaan in putting down the renegade Techmarine Oriax after he betrayed the Iron Warriors. However with the battle now for all purposes settled, Merihem quickly turned on his fellow Iron Warriors to exact his revenge, gunning down multiple Chaos Marines and nearly killing Rhodaan himself. However the tide turned when the badly injured Iron Warrior Gomorie gave himself over to Daemons in a desperate bid for victory, transforming himself into a Possessed Chaos Space Marine and stalling Merihem long enough for Rhodaan to incinerate the Obliterator's head with his Plasma Pistol.[1b]