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Mita Ashyn

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Mita Ashyn was an operative of the Ordo Xenos.


This page contains spoilers for: Lord of the Night (Novel)

Taken directly from the Scholastia Psykana on Escastel Sanctus at the age of twelve and trained on the fortess world of Safaur-Inquis, she proved herself a powerful and skilled psyker.

At thirty-one years of age, she had served six years as a Explicator under Inquisitor Petrai Levoix of the Ordo Xenos. Among her recorded deeds were overcoming the puppet wyrds of the Ork warlord leading Waaagh! Shalkaz; defeating the Magi of a genestealer cult in the Marquand Straits; "breaking the mind" of a Hruddite Demagogue in the Pleanar campaign; and the capture of a Witchblade in the Ylir uprisings, which earned her a citation from the Congresium Xenos.

Inquisitor Levoix died on Erasula IX and Mita then entered the service of Inquisitor Ipoqr Kaustus, shortly before he arrived on the hive world Equixus.

Kaustus proved to be a difficult and mercurial master, his methods driving her to near despair before he declared her a traitor during his investigations. His disinterest in her claims that a Traitor Marine of the Night Lords Legion were later proved to be the result of Eldar mind control. She lost her arm in a fight between Talonmaster Zso Sahaal and the Daemon Prince Krieg Acerbus over the Corona Nox.

It is thought that she survived the wound and escaped the doomed world with Sahaal.