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Mogul Kamir

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Mogul Kamir[1]

Mogul Kamir is commanding officer of a unit of the Attilan Rough Riders of the Imperial Guard.


Even among Attilans, Kamir is renowned for his daring and bloodthirsty nature. He became leader of his tribe at age thirteen, after killing his uncle in single combat. By age fifteen, his tribe had conquered more than twenty others and brought them under his leadership, yet his battle-lust was not sated. He sought counsel from the King of Khanasan, Lord of Attila, who offered him a place in the Imperial Guard, and a chance to fight a whole galaxy's worth of enemies. Kamir accepted gleefully[1]. Kamir's taste for danger is well known, and few who fight besides him remain unmarked by blade or blast. Despite the fact that many who follow him into danger do not return, it is considered a high honour to accompany Mogul Kamir into the heat of battle. Only the fiercest and most skilled Rough Riders are allowed this privilege, which often must be earned by ritual duels between them[1].

Mogul Kamir[2]

Like most Attilans, Kamir scorns the awarding of medals and considers battle-scars and trophies the best proof of a warrior's prowess. Few Attilans have such an impressive collection of either as Kamir, whose body is covered with scar tissue, and whose hunting-lance is adorned with many warlord skulls[1]. Few brave Attilans escape a lifetime's battle without the scars of battle. Mogul Kamir lost his right eye fighting Orks and an arm during campaigns against Chaos intruders. These have been replaced by specially crafted cybernetics which have been especially adapted to suit his aggressive temperament[2].

None of Kamir's steeds survived for long under his ferocious guidance, dying of battle wounds or exhaustion. After Kamir's unit saved the Manufactorum world of Loxar IV from the Necrons, the grateful adepts of the Adeptus Mechanicus created a cybernetic steed for him - fearless, inexhaustible, and nearly indestructible[1].


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