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Molech is a world of the Imperium. Only a few short light years from Terra itself[Needs Citation], the planet was home to the ancient Knight House of Devine, who worshiped a snake-like god.

Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngMolech
Name: Molech Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum[2b]
Sector: Unknown
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Knight World/Fortress World
Tithe Grade: Unknown


Sometime during the Dark Age of Technology, it is said that the Emperor along with several other Perpetuals such as Alivia Sureka traveled to Molech on a one-way spacecraft. There, they found a gateway into the Realm of Chaos which the Emperor entered, making a bargain with the Dark Gods and becoming imbued with new powers and the knowledge to create the Primarchs. The Emperor left Sureka behind to look after the Gate. Later, Molech itself was brought into the fledgling Imperium during the Great Crusade in M30 by a combined force of Dark Angels, Luna Wolves, Emperor's Children, and White Scars each led by their respective Primarchs, who banned the worship of their serpent god in favor of the Imperial Truth. The Emperor accompanied them, and erased each of their minds of the planets significance while leaving behind a substantial force to garrison the world to ensure none could use the same gateway to the Warp he had. The Knight House of Devine came to dominate the world, and the city of Lupercalia, built in honor of Horus Lupercal, was constructed over the cave network where the Warp Gate was located.[1b]

During the Horus Heresy, the planet was the site of a major Sons of Horus invasion led by Horus himself, who regained his memory and sought to obtain the same powers the Emperor had attained[1a]. The planet was conquered by traitor forces after House Devine turned rogue, with only 100 survivors from the planet escaping.[1] Later after Horus' defeat, Molech was liberated during the Great Scouring.[2]

Notable Places

  • Lupercalia — Capital[1]
  • Dawn Citadel — Massive fortress built around the spacecraft the Emperor used to originally arrive on Molech. Seat of House Devine[1]
  • Citadel of the Storm — Seat of the Blood Angels garrison on Molech,[1]
  • Perceptory Line — Defensive line, seat of House Donar[1]
  • Iron Fist Mountain — Seat of the Legio Crucius[1]
  • Kalman Point — Seat of the Legio Gryphonicus[1]
  • Torger Mountain — Seat of the Ordo Reductor[1]
  • Zanark Deeps — Seat of the Legio Fortidus
  • Avadon — City[1]
  • Desqua — City[1]
  • Khanis — City[1]
  • Goshen — City[1]
  • Imperatum — City[1]
  • Leosta — Fortress[1]
  • Luthre — Fortress[1]
  • 'Novamatia — Spaceport[1]
  • Loqash — Spaceport[1]
  • Aenatep Peninsula[1]
  • Kursh Jungle — Home to great beasts known as the Mallahgra