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Navis Scion

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Navis Scions are members of the Navigator Houses who are selected for their cunning and capacity to wield political influence of their respective families with great effect.


They serve as diplomats and representatives in the dealings between their House to the greater Imperium. Scions of the Navis Nobilite serve as the faces of the great houses and have been groomed to serve in diplomatic duties as well as act as power brokers. It is their duty in ensuring that their family's interests are best protected. They are groomed from a young age where they enter courtly life before the onset of their mutation that is their heritage. Their public careers are, however, short-lived due to the eventual mutations that deform their bodies though the alliances as well as connections they form can serve them throughout their long existence.[1]

Their training means that they are equally at home in the estates of the Navigator Houses or the elite Imperial courts. They are masters of conversation and courtly protocol who are often selected based on the relative lack of disfiguring mutations in addition to their social skills. These Navigators often attract a great deal of attention during their public outings and are destined to be the centre of attention in almost any courtly setting. In fact, they revel at being awed at by onlookers and use this attribute in gaining potential allies or even mock known opponents. Scions are adept socially where they tell tales of travel beyond the spans of the Imperium or wound a person's pride with a witty remark. Navis Scions sometimes become so attached to this lifestyle of courtly intrigue that they struggle to part with it once their mutations make it impossible for them to appear before outsiders. Some are known to use reconstructive surgery or even bionic invasive augmentations to maintain their features so that they can be presentable to Imperial high society.[1]

Despite their social talents, Scions are awarded a far greater responsibility to simply dazzling crowds as they are expected to serve as a vital link between the House and its allies. This means they serve as an agent and representative where they search for new clients for their House as well as ensuring that their allies have the best interest for their House. The presence of a Navigator can turn the tide of a trade negotiation whilst enemies remain always guarded when a Scion enters a court. This is due to them wielding a great deal of political and economic power making something both feared as well as respected. The range of training and experience makes Navis Scions valued companions with many becoming advisors to Rogue Traders, Admirals, along with other high-ranking officials that make use of their expertise. There have been many nobles who turn to their Scions for advice on matters of trade, politics or even personal matters. They even use their third eye to act as psychic advisors with these glimpses of the future providing a vital power to them in given situations.[1]