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Necromunda (Novel Series)

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The Necromunda series of novels all take place on the infamous Hive World of Necromunda. They were published by Black Library from 2005 to 2007 to try to relaunch the setting, and were re-published from 2011 to 2012 in three Omnibus editions along with earlier short stories (Omnibus 1 & 2) and the Kal Jerico comics (The Complete Kal Jerico) respectively.

Novels in the series

Survival Instinct

  • Survival Instinct by Andy Chambers
    • Released: May 2005
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 256
    • ISBN 9781844161881
      • Republished: Necromunda Omnibus 1

D’onne Ulanti is an outlaw and a maniac, known amongst the scum of Necromunda as ‘Mad Donna’, as her uncontrollable and violent nature makes her a dangerous and unpredictable ally.

However, it looks like time has finally caught up with D’onne when a figure from her mysterious past approaches her, but all he reveals is that she’s been sold out. Barely escaping with her life, D’onne is mad as hell and hungry for vengeance. The Underhive will shake to its foundations as D’onne seeks to even the score.


  • Salvation by C.S. Goto
    • Released: May 2005
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 256
    • ISBN 9781844161898
      • Republished: Necromunda Omnibus 1

Zefer Tyranus is an inquisitive man and an able administrator. His family has been in the service of the Noble House Ko’iron for generations, acting as curators, record keepers and occasionally spies for the famed scholars and poets of that glorious house. His position affords him residence in an exclusive zone of the Spire, enveloped in luxury, and very close to the walls of the ruling House Helmawr.

However, Zefer’s comfortable world is turned upside-down when he hears tales of an ancient artefact that could possibly link House Ko’iron to the founding fathers of the Spire itself. Sent out on a dangerous mission to retrieve it, Zefer must learn the hard way that the Underhive is no place for a simple curator!

Blood Royal

  • Blood Royal by Gordon Rennie and Will McDermott
    • Released: July 2005
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 256
    • ISBN 9781844161904
      • Republished: The Complete Kal Jerico

In the heart of a rogue beats royal blood.

Meet Kal Jerico: rogue, bounty hunter, swashbuckler and self-proclaimed ‘suavest bounty hunter’ in the towering urban hell of Necromunda. The illegitimate offspring of the planet’s ruler, Kal shunned his royal roots to take up the career of hired gun. Following a botched job with former rival turned bounty hunter, Yolanda Cattalus, Kal is ‘invited’ to an impromptu family reunion with his father and is made an offer that he would be very foolish to refuse. To get through this one, Kal has to hope that blood really is thicker than water.


  • Junktion by Matthew Farrer
    • Released: October 2005
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 256
    • ISBN 9781844162413
      • Republished: Necromunda Omnibus 1

Hive World Necromunda. The trading settlement of Junktion is reeling from recent raids by the authorities from the uphive. As the former boomtown starts to come apart in the face of water-riots and greedy politicking by the town fathers, lamplighter Sinden Kass gets sucked into the turmoil against his will. Kass soon realises that there are times when you can’t just put your head down and mind your own business, not if you want to live with yourself.

And, if that’s not bad enough, someone’s murdering his fellow lamplighters.


  • Fleshworks by Lucien Soulban
    • Released: February 2006
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 256
    • ISBN 9781844163298
      • Republished: Necromunda Omnibus 2

For the spies of the secretive House Delaque, survival is even more of a struggle. When Uriah Storm is told that his next target is his friend Soren, a spy working within rivals House Van Saar, he is surprised – Delaque spies are never supposed to know their targets personally. Realising that the real target is not Soren, but his biomechanical implants, Uriah begins to suspect the game is more complex than even he imagined and is forced into a race against time to find his friend before the Van Saar or his fellow assassins do.

Cardinal Crimson

  • Cardinal Crimson by Will McDermott
    • Released: May 2006
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 256
    • ISBN 9781844163724
      • Republished: The Complete Kal Jerico

In the nightmare industrial hive world of Necromunda, gangs clash in desperate battles to increase their standing with the decadent families who occupy the uppermost spire of their teeming hive city. In the midst of this, suave bounty hunter Kal Jerico is dragged before crime boss Nemo to collect a bounty in return for cancellation of his substantial debts. But when Kal realises that his nemesis Cardinal Crimson is mixed up in this, he knows it won’t be an easy day at the office.

Will McDermott follows up his first Necromunda novel, Blood Royal, with another cybergoth tale of survival!

Back from the Dead

  • Back from the Dead by Nick Kyme
    • Released: August 2006
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 256
    • ISBN 9781844163762
      • Republished: Necromunda Omnibus 2

When the deadly neurone plague sweeps the depths of the Necromundan Underhive turning its victims into mindless, flesh-eating zombies it falls to one man to stop the spread of the killer disease. Erik Bane is a down on his luck, drug addict, ex-enforcer whose promise to a street girl, Alicia, offers him a chance at redemption and throws him headlong into the crisis.

Against his will but seemingly driven by fate, Bane leads a group of desperate survivors through the ruins of the Underhive as he searches for Alicia all the while dodging the zombie horde and trying to stay alive long enough to figure out what caused the plague.

Bane has no idea that when he started this suicide mission it would have such strong connections with his past, a life he had all but given up on and a conspiracy that goes so deep uncovering will mean there’s no going back for Bane…


  • Outlander by Matt Keefe
    • Released: December 2006
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 256
    • ISBN 9781844164110
      • Republished: Necromunda Omnibus 2

In the futuristic hive city of Necromunda, from the top of the hive spire to the very depths of the underhive, there is only one rule: survival of the fittest. Brutal gangs prowl the darkness, hideous mutants and unspeakable monsters lurk in the forgotten and lonely places. For the enterprising mercenary, a respectable living can be made. But be warned: allies become enemies all too quickly when the ultimate prize is survival itself…

When a stranger arrives in the settlement of Fall Sands, he soon attracts the attention of the ruling gang. Sensing that the stranger is more than just a drifter, gang leader Lakatos soon learns that the man has some very useful forgery skills. But the stranger has a hidden agenda and the only thing on his mind is revenge!

Lasgun Wedding

  • Lasgun Wedding by Will McDermott
    • Released: April 2007
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 256
    • ISBN 9781844164624
      • Republished: The Complete Kal Jerico

It’s survival of the fittest on the towering industrial hive world of Necromunda, where brutal gangs fight for supremacy in the nightmare Underhive and decadent nobles play power games in the higher echelons of the Spire. Kal Jerico, suave bounty hunter, is drawn into a deadly game of his own when the ruler of Necromunda falls dead and he is coerced into taking his place! Assassins vying for Kal’s blood and power mad nobles are the least of Kal’s worries as, still adjusting to life as Lord of the Spire, he has to get married! Will McDermott follows up on Blood Royal and Cardinal Crimson with this, the third in the intriguing and explosive Kal Jerico series!

Omnibus editions

Necromunda Omnibus 1

  • Necromunda Omnibus 1
    • Released: March 2011
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 640
    • ISBN 9781844165674

Classic novels Survival Instinct, Salvation and Junktion return with a host of short stories in this Necromunda omnibus.


The Complete Kal Jerico

The Complete Kal Jerico.jpg
  • The Complete Kal Jerico
    • Released: November 2011
    • Format:
    • Pages:
    • ISBN 9781849702294

In the lawless underhive of Necromunda, none are more feared than the bounty hunters, vicious individuals who track and capture anyone who has displeased the guilders. And no bounty hunter is better known than Kal Jerico. With his sidekick Scabbs and psychotic killer Yolanda in tow, Kal is never far from danger. Whether it’s recovering a priceless artefact for Lord Helmawr, the ruler of Necromunda (Blood Royal), surviving a holy war waged by the religious fanatics of the Crusade of the Red Redemption (Cardinal Crimson) or trying to prevent himself being married off (Lasgun Wedding), Kal is always quick to find trouble, and even quicker to fight his way out of it.

This omnibus edition contains the novels Blood Royal, Cardinal Crimson, Lasgun Wedding and the complete Kal Jerico comic series, including Above and Beyond, reprinted for the very first time since its original appearance in the pages of Warhammer Monthly.

Necromunda Omnibus 2

Necromunda Omnibus 2.jpg
  • Necromunda Omnibus 2
    • Released: March 2012
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 640
    • ISBN 9781849702683

In the nightmare underworld of Necromunda, gangs clash in desperate battles to increase their standing with the decadent families who occupy the spire of their teeming hive city.

This omnibus edition includes three full novels as well as five short stories by Jonathan Green featuring the mysterious bounty hunter Nathan Creed and a novella by Simon Jowett.


  • Fleshworks by Lucien Soulban: Uriah Storm faces a small problem in getting hold of new bio-implants – their previous owners are still alive.
  • Back from the Dead by Nick Kyme: A deadly plague and a desperate girl cause problems for former enforcer Erik Bane.
  • Outlander by Matt Keefe: sees religious zealots flock to a mysterious stranger – but can they trust his motives?
  • Bad Spirits by Jonathan Green: Bounty hunter Nathan Creed tracks a monstrous creature that has decimated a ratskin camp. What could this monster be and what are its origins?
  • Mama’s Boys by Jonathan Green: Hunting the scavvy cannibal Django Kaynn, Nathan Creed finds himself beset by mutants eager to recapture the twisted killer.
  • Boyz in the Hive by Jonathan Green: Nathan Creed faces his most dangerous foe yet: a savage greenskinned ork that has escaped from an uphive zoo.
  • Firestarter by Jonathan Green: Nathan Creed tangles with a fearsome mutant with power over fire – but the mutant’s power is rapidly growing out of control…
  • Bad Medicine by Jonathan Green: The Death Walker, terror of the Underhive, is on the prowl. His target? Nathan Creed.
  • Descent by Simon Jowett: Seeking a haul that will make them rich and hunted by pirates, spiders and worse, the crew of the sump submarine Queequeg struggle for survival.

Related books

Status: Deadzone

  • Status: Deadzone edited by Andy Jones and Marc Gascoigne
    • Released: August 2000
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 288
    • ISBN 9781841541198

An anthology of short stories mostly taken from Inferno! magazine, nine of the eleven short stories from Status: Deadzone were republished in Necromunda Omnibus 1. The two exceptions, Bad Spirits by Jonathan Green and Descent by Simon Jowett were included along with Jonathan Green's other Necromunda short stories in Necromunda Omnibus 2.

Kal Jerico

  • Kal Jerico: Contracts & Agendas by Gordon Rennie and Wayne Reynolds
    • Released: September 2001
    • Format: Softback
    • Pages: 60
    • ISBN 9781841542096
Underhive Bounty Hunter.jpg

Before The Complete Kal Jerico omnibus was published with all the Warhammer Monthly comic strips and the above Kal Jerico novels, a number of Kal Jerico graphic novels were published by Black Library. The first eight comic strips were compiled into a graphic novel called Kal Jerico in February 2000. The next seven strips were compiled into the graphic novel Kal Jerico: Contracts & Agendas and published in September 2001. The complete collection of Kal Jerico comic strips (apart from Above and Beyond) was compiled into Kal Jerico: Underhive Bounty Hunter and published in December 2005.

The Redeemer


The Redeemer was the only other Necromunda graphic novel. Two versions were published; the first in black and white (like the original strips) was published in April 2000, followed by a full colour edition in December 2002 which also featured an eight page bonus strip.

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