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Noctilious Glauw

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Noctilious Glauw was a Death Guard Chaos Lord, who was among the Chaos forces that invaded the Imperium world Konor, during the Plague Wars. Later during the invasion, Glauw and a Black Legion Chaos Lord were charged with claiming Konor's primary research stations, but their forces were ambushed by an Ultramarines strike force as they neared their targets. The Ultramarines were led by Lord Commander Guilliman and in the battle that followed, Glauw fought the Lord Commander, but was killed by Guilliman when the Chaos Lord was struck down by the Emperor's Sword. After Glauw's death, the Black Legion Chaos Lord was also killed and due to the ferocity of Guilliman's attacks, the surviving Death Guard and Black Legion forces were forced to retreat.[1]