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Nocturne's Hammer

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Nocturne's Hammer is the oldest known Rhino in existence, having seen 8000 years of action. It belongs to the Salamanders Chapter, and was supposedly used to transport Vulkan himself into battle on many occasions. Such is its holiness that Nocturne's Hammer has granted its own personal Techpriest, and always the most experienced crew available. Although accounts of its actions are rare, it is known to have taken part in the Siege of Devlin's Fastness. Due to it's immense importance to the chapter, Nocturne's Hammer now resides within the Salamander's reliquary on Prometheus. Each new century, the Master of the Forge strikes the rune of activation on Nocturne's Hammer. It is taken as a bad sign if the engine does not take off the first time it is activated. [1]