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2drones.gif This article is about the Tau character, for the Novel by Braden Campbell see Shadowsun (Novella)

O'Shaserra, also known as Commander Shadowsun, is the current Tau Empire supreme commander.



She was selected to replace the former commander, Commander Farsight, and was one of the top students of Commander Puretide, displaying her skill during the Damocles Crusade and battles against Orks in the K'resh Expansion during the Great War of Confederation. Shadowsun seems to be a more steadfast leader, more suited to the job of overseeing the Third Sphere of Expansion. It was Aun'Va who selected Shadowsun, in hopes of replicating the strategic brilliance of Puretide. Aun'va recognized that disciples of the aging Puretide were indispensable, and Shadowsun was among those students put into cryogenic stasis for future expansion campaigns that would occur beyond the natural lifespan of the Tau. Shadowsun was unfrozen during the Great War of Confederation, and was instrumental in the Tau victory over the Orks.[3] She led several raids against a Tyranid splinter fleet and managed to do so much damage to the hive ships that the Tau fleet was able to fully engage the Tyranid fleet, without losing any ships.

Under her leadership, the Tau Empire has again grown with the Third Sphere of Expansion, formed five colonies in a halo around the original Sept worlds, including in the Damocles Gulf, Perdus Rift and much further afield. This success was due in part to the Imperium being distracted elsewhere and the Tyranids and Orks being temporarily contained. Shadowsun went on to score a decisive victory over the Imperium in the Battle for Mu'gulath Bay, one of the greatest Tau victories over the Imperium.[1]

Commander Shadowsun wears an XV22 Stealth Battlesuit into battle incorporating both a stealth generator and a jump pack. She is accompanied by a Command-link Drone and two MV52 Shield Drones and is armed with dual Fusion Blasters which enable her to take on enemy heavy armour, she also carries a Bonding Knife.


Commander Shadowsun
Commander Shadowsun



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