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A Ocularians Inquisitor

Ocularians are a minor Radical faction of the Inquisition. They are a faction obsessed with predicting and divining the future through arcane rituals.[1]

The Ocularians are perhaps one of the strangest Radical Factions, their origins are largely unknown and their ranks are made up of paranoid diviners and scholars. They are obsessed with prophecy to the point of skirting with outright heresy. This has nonetheless made them unparalleled assets in the art of prophecy, but this does not sit well with many Puritan Inquisitors. However whenever any attempt to challenge them, the Ocularians promptly foresee the move and emerge the victory.[1]

The source of their prophetic abilities is largely unknown, but thought to be a combination of everything from the Emperor's Tarot and Astropathic Choirs to the simple circadian rhythm of daily life. Many have also dabbled in xenos and warp technology, resulting in the sect developing a dark reputation.[1]

The ranks of the Ocularians are all but unheard of outside of the Calixis Sector, and they are extremely few in number. Its members are known for its extreme secrecy, guarding their secrets unto death. When fearing exposure, Ocularians will readily resort to violence or other such "accidents" to ensure that their secrets endure.[1]

Notable Members