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Old Earth (Novel)

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Old Earth
Cover art
Author Nick Kyme
Performer Jonathan Keeble
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy
Preceded by Ruinstorm
Followed by The Burden of Loyalty
Released November 2017
Length 12 hours 41 minutes

Old Earth is a novel by Nick Kyme and book 47 in the Horus Heresy Series.


Reborn in body and spirit beneath Mount Deathfire, the primarch Vulkan gathers his most trusted sons and prepares for the final part of his journey. The Legions shattered at Isstvan V have stalled the Warmaster’s advance across the galaxy, but fresh cracks are spreading through the alliance between the Iron Hands, Salamanders and Raven Guard, along with mysterious rumours of the return of Ferrus Manus. Haunted by a sense of destiny unfulfilled, Vulkan must choose between joining their war of vengeance against the traitors, or following his own barely understood path all the way to the Throneworld itself.

Dramatis Personae


The XVIII Legion, ‘Salamanders’

The X Legion, ‘Iron Hands’

  • Shadrak Meduson, Warleader of the Iron Tenth
  • Jebez Aug, Iron Father, Hand Elect to the Warleader
  • Goran Gorgonson, Apothecary of Clan Lokopt
  • Lumak, Captain of Clan Avernii
  • Mechosa, Captain of Clan Sorrgol
  • Arkul Theld, Captain of Clan Ungavaar
  • Kuleg Rawt, Iron Father of Clan Raukaan
  • Naduul Norsson, Iron Father of Clan Atraxii
  • Raask Arkborne, Iron Father of Clan Felg
  • Kernag, Iron Father of Clan Garrsak
  • Autek Mor, Iron Father of Clan Morragul

The XIX Legion, ‘Raven Guard’

  • Dalcoth, Captain
  • Kaylar Norn, Apothecary

The VII Legion, ‘Imperial Fists’

The XVI Legion, ‘Sons of Horus’

  • Tybalt Marr, Captain
  • Cyon Azedine, Company champion
  • Kysen Scybale, Sergeant

The XVII Legion, ‘Word Bearers’

Adeptus Arbites

  • Vohan Gethe, Warden-Primus of the 87th, precinct ‘Peacemakers’
  • Ebba Renski, Proctor




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