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Orders Pronatus

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The Orders Pronatus is a non-militant order of the Adepta Sororitas. They are considered a minor order or a minor range of orders who have a duty to locate any relics and sacred items. Once discovered, these objects are acquired and brought to the Ecclesiarchy's care.

For example their blessing of the Inquisitorial Rhino helped Inquisitor Voke to defend against servants of the Ruinous Powers throughout three dozen missions.[4]


  • The Order of the Eternal Gate - One of the sisterhoods that belong to the Orders Pronatus[1].
  • The Order of the Blessed Enquiry - One of the Orders Pronatus, believed to have been destroyed due to their collection of artefacts of the Chaos Gods[2]. Rumoured to have discovered Slaanesh's true name and created the anti-daemon weapon known as the Daemonifuge[3].