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Order of the Sacred Rose

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A Sacred Rose banner

The Order of the Sacred Rose is one of the six major Orders Militant of the Adepta Sororitas.

Basic Info
Battle Sister
Name: Order of the Sacred Rose
Founder: Deacis VI[3a]
Honoured Saint: Arabella[2a]
Convent: Convent Prioris (Terra)[1]
Founding: 39th Millenium[2a]
Colours: White armour, black cloaks with red linings and weapons[3b]


The Order is based on Terra within the Convent Prioris[1] and was founded in honour of Sister Arabella[2a] along with the Order of the Bloody Rose by Ecclesiarch Deacis VI in mid-M38[3a]. Their colours are white armour, black cloaks with red linings and red weapons.[3b]. The order strives to emulate their patron saint and her virtues of discipline, even-temperment, and resolute determination. This resolve to stay calm in battle has particularly benefited Retributor Squads, who use her as a role model to avoid doubt and rash action while wielding their heavy weapons.[6]


  • During a War of Faith against the Demagogues of the Second Halo Schism, the order broke the defenses at the Palace of Radiance, securing a victory which saw heretics burning on pyres twenty meters high.[2b]
  • In 835.M41, Canoness Sariah led a force of Battle Sisters to the Shrine World of Piety, which had been consumed by a Warp storm for two centuries. They found the planet almost entirely corrupted save for the Reliquary of Hope. Sariah led a mission into the labyrinth of the Reliquary, though only she herself and two Celestians returned bearing three pages of the Lexicon of Falsehoods and the left thighbone of Saint Dolan. They left the planet just before the Grey Knights arrived to deliver Exterminatus to the planet.[5]

Unique Squadrons

  • Flamewing Seraphim‎[7a]
  • Prioris Squadron - Are formed from elite Battle Sisters, who guard the Order of the Sacred Rose's convent on Terra. Intense additional training and wide-ranging battlefield experience are the minimum requirements for becoming a Prioris Battle Sister. If the need arises the entire squadron can be requisitioned into serving in a Canoness' personal retinue.[7b]

Known Members

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