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Ordo Sinister

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2drones.gif This article is about the Titan Legion, for the short story by John French see Ordo Sinister (Short Story)

The Ordo Sinister is an order of the Collegia Titanica. The Ordo Sinister's purpose is the deployment of dreaded Psi-Titans.[1]

Colour Scheme Info Legion Symbol


Name: Titanicus Terranic Ordo Sinister
Alternative names: Left Hand of the Emperor, Nightmare Titans
Affiliation: Imperium
Founded: c.967.M30
Home World: Terra
Colours: Green-Black Verdigris and Silver
Strength: 20 Warlord-Sinister Psi-Titans (M31)
Motto: Pavore Dominetur (the rule of terror)


The Ordo Sinister has a unique status within the Imperium, for it is they alone who are able to employ terrible weapons forbidden to even Primarch and Planetary Governor alike. Many of these technologies are of the Sinistrum category, those weapons designed to amplify the powers of a Psyker, often at the cost of their own life. These devices have since been installed upon Warlord Titans of the Ordo Sinister, forming psychic god-machines known as Psi-Titans.[1]


It is not known when exactly the Ordo was formed, but they first gained prominence in 967.M30 when the Emperor demanded that 25 Warlord Class Titans be issued to Terra for an unknown reason. Later, a single one of these Titans, fashioned in terrifying livery, managed to subjugate the entire rebellious world of Skagan-VI without firing a single shot. Later during the Defence of Helioret the Ordo Sinister defeated the insane Eldar Corsairs and Wraith Constructs of Craftworld Magc'Sithraal, a foe even Sanguinius and the Blood Angels could not bring to heel alone.[1]

Notable Engagements


The Ordo Sinister operates from four independent Chambers, each comprising five modified Warlord Psi-Titans and operating from a "fortress-crypt" on Terra. These fortresses are based in the Occendentalis, Orientalis, Polaris, and Borealis regions of Terra.[1]

Notable Psi-Titans

Notable Members

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