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Osric Three-Fists

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Osric Three-Fists was a notorious Wolf Lord of the Space Wolves and known to be notoriously ugly. While on a "Great Hunt" near The Maelstrom, his strike force came under assault from a much-larger Chaos fleet led by the battleship Storm of Hate. The Storm of Hate crippled Osric's own craft, the Voidfang, with one massive broadside. With only minutes to act, Osric and his men donned their spacesuits and boosted out of the airlocks, pack by pack. They float through the void towards the Storm of Hate, boarding the outer surface of the craft and creating a hull breach with their Power Fists and Thunder Hammers. Working their way inside the bridge, Osric and his Wolf Guard turned the firepower of the Storm of Hate upon its allies, saving the day[1]. When Osric later met his end, his Wolf Guard Egil Iron Wolf was named as his successor.[2]

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