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Magos Paladius was a Tech Priest.


Magos Paladius, first mentioned in the great archives of Mars was sent to the planet Kronus by the Fabricator General to oversee the study of the Hellstorm Cannon from the destroyed Imperator Titan Aquila Ignis long before the Kronus campaign. In his studies, he had also discovered a pre-Heresy Aeolis Orbital Control Post capable of tracking all planetary activity and plotting courses to evade siege formations. The Aeolis Orbital Control Post is a "more-efficient cousin of the Kyber Tracking Station" thought to have been lost and only available through the STC.[1a]

While continuing to explore Kronus, Paladius also had discovered a Zeus Class Relay and Control Station capable of Orbital Artillery. His discoveries were confirmed by Adeptus Mechanicus communiqués between Magos Explorator Gaius and Magos Explorator Cumin.[1b]