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Pandaemonia are hidden facilities that are used by the Ordo Malleus that are specifically found scattered around the Calixis Sector.[1a]


These structures are sophisticated hybrids of techno-arcana and psychic engineering that are so monumental that their construction seems impossible. They are normally used to bind Daemons that are too powerful to be banished, and possibly entrap them forever.[1a]

Each of these structures is maintained by an Inquisitor along with his staff and also watched over by a large retinue of household troopers.[1a]

Such facilities tend to be situated on Warp conduits and are used after a Daemon has been temporarily bound within a vessel, whether it is a living being or an inanimate object. Once this is done, the vessel is transported to these facilities and the warp creature is interned in the infernal engine of the Pandaemonia. The ritual, however, completely destroys the physical body of the temporary vessel and the Daemon is discharged into the binding matrix of this arcane engine. An added power of the Pandaemonia is their ability to destroy tainted relics such as Daemon weapons. In the process, the weapon itself is shattered and the entity within it becomes trapped in the Pandaemonia.[1b]


Scattered across the Calixis Sector, some of the Pandaemonia are located within the Seven Cloisters and some at other sites. They are used specifically by the Scholariate at Arms to bind powerful Daemons, as some savants within the Scholariate believe that such warp entities are able to re-materialise into the physical universe after some time has passed following their banishment. Despite their purpose as prisons, these facilities are meant to be easily accessible by the Scholariate at Arms, yet kept away from densely populated areas in order to ensure that a possible compromise of a Pandaemonia does not bring about wide-scale damage.[1a]

On the Calixian capital world of Scintilla, the Pandaemonia is kept several hundred kilometres away from the centre of government, within the ash wastes and hidden from prying eyes. Others are located in interplanetary space or on barren worlds or even within the depths of a jungle of a Death World. All these sites are hidden and distant yet still remain accessible to the Scholariate and are an open secret amongst the upper hierarchy of the Ordo Calixis. The reason for this is because an Inquisitor or his Acolytes may be faced with a daemonic incursion and must have easy access to the Pandaemonia in order to use it to bind the creature.[1b]