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Colonel Paseski started his military career as a lieutenant of the 22nd Catachan Jungle Fighters, and by the time of the fifth pacification of Joogunda Prime had risen to command the regiment’s Delta Company. It was following the death of the commanding officers of both the Catachan 22nd and the 1139th Orbital Assault Group, during the abortive evacuation of Joogunda Prime’s capital that Paseski took command of both units. He soon demonstrated to sector command that a permanently combined force was not only viable, but could be highly successful in specialist mass airborne assault missions.[1]

Over the next few years, Colonel Paseski and his staff perfected the formation’s airborne tactics, which revolved around the massed rapid deployment, support and extraction of airmobile infantry. Colonel Paseski has a reputation as a daring leader and is well respected by the officers and men under his command. Although a dedicated Imperial servant, the Colonel demonstrates the rare quality of giving a damn about his troopers, a trait that has earned him the enmity of his peers but the loyalty of those brave men who follow him into battle. In the battles Colonel Paseski fought aboard of Command Valkyrie named "Steel Eage". He has gathered an elite aircrew, who accompany him on every mission. His crew always includes a pair of twins, Kade and Hauser Bruga, infamous as the regiment’s champion marksmen. These two snipers continuously compete with one another, whether they are firing in the regimental trials or from the side doors of their Colonel’s circling Valkyrie.[1]

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