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Pellas Mir'san

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Pellas Mir'san, Captain of the Salamanders 2nd Company, has served the Chapter for nearly two centuries, making him one of the oldest members of the Salamanders. For one hundred and fifty years, he has held the rank of Captain. Due to his age, his black skin and burning red eyes have both dulled to an ashy grey and deep crimson, respectively. Also due to his age, he was given the title the "Winter Blade" by his fellow Battle-Brothers.

A skilled swordsman, Pellas Mir'san is a former winner of the famed Trial of Blades. From his forge, Pelas has produced some of the finest power swords in the history of the Salamanders. Age has not slowed his blade and experience from his countless campaigns has given him an even greater understanding of swordplay.

In the Badab War, Pellas quickly became the voice of reason and experience, guiding the other commanders in the conflict.[1]

Note on length of service

Although Pellas Mir'san is listed as being one of the oldest Astartes in the chapter, to what extent the veracity of this claim is accurate remains debatable considering that Veteran-Sergeants Lok and Praetor are known to have served for over 200[2a] and 300[2b] years respectively.

Furthermore, Master of Arms Prebian is known to have served in his current capacity for a little over 400 years.[3]

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