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Peratos is a member of the Ultramarines and a Watch Captain of the Deathwatch.[1]


A noted veteran of the Ultramarines First Company and a warrior said to have the ear of Marneus Calgar himself, Watch Captain Peratos was standing his third vigil of the Long Watch when these events occurred. He and his Killteam fought bravely throughout the entire battle, but it was in the final hour that Peratos and his Battle-Brothers truly earned their place in the annals of the Deathwatch of the Jericho Reach. It was Watch Captain Peratos who confronted the final infiltrator, which had assumed the outward appearance of a member of the Ultramarine’s own Killteam.[1]

None can tell what the enemy intended to achieve in doing so, or whether it was simply an error of judgement. Nonetheless, when Watch Captain Peratos came face to face with the infiltrator in the outer chamber of the Watch Fortress’s primary plasma exchanger, he was confronted with three Battle-Brothers of identical countenance. Two—Brothers Vass and Kato—were twins, both of the Dark Angels Chapter, and Peratos had served with each so long that he could tell them apart from one another simply by the intonation of their voices. The third appeared no different from the other two, and had Peratos not served with them he would no doubt have been unable to choose which was which. The Watch Captain denounced the intruder and set his warriors upon it, but before they could slay it, something entirely unexpected transpired.[1]

Even as the Kill-team closed on their target, the enemy took a new shape. Its features became those of the Watch Captain himself. In that moment, Peratos knew that the destruction would begin all over again unless he took drastic action indeed. His Battle-Brothers nodding their assent, Peratos unsealed the override valve of the plasma exchanger, flooding the chamber they were in with searing plasma. Peratos and his brethren were killed in an instant, as was the last of the infiltrators.[1]