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Perturabo - Iron Warriors Primarch, during the Horus Heresy[Needs Citation]

Perturabo is the Primarch of the Iron Warriors, one of the original twenty Space Marine Legions. He sided with Chaos during the Horus Heresy and has since been promoted to Daemon Prince status. He, like his Iron Warriors, had a natural affinity towards technology and a cold logic, but lacked the strength of faith.



When the primarchs were scattered to the ends of the galaxy, Perturabo landed on a planet named Olympia. He was discovered climbing the mountains below the city state of Lochos. The guards, having realised this was no normal child, brought him before the Dammekos, the Tyrant of Lochos. Dammekos was intrigued by the child and brought him into his house and treated him as family. Supposedly, Perturabo never trusted the Olympians and refused to return any affection given by Dammekos. Dammekos spent plenty of time with his new son, but never got anything in return. Many saw Perturabo as a cold and brooding child but when considered that he had been thrown onto a world with no idea of his origins or purpose, this is perhaps a little harsh[Needs Citation].

When the Emperor arrived Perturabo immediately submitted himself to the Emperor's mercy and ousted the Tyrant of Lochus. Dammekos is said to have spent his remaining few years gathering forces to attempt to retake his power. He failed but created a current of unrest which would be used later[Needs Citation].

Great Crusade

Perturabo led his Iron Warriors on a lightning crusade against the nearby planet of Justice Rock and its heretical Black Judges. The Iron Warriors went on to create citadels throughout the regions they fought in. Small numbers of Iron Warriors were left behind at these outposts, but Perturabo resented being forced to split his army. As time went on they were stereotyped as being the best army for sieges and garrisons, but eventually the Iron Warriors were so worn out that they simply began to enjoy the killing they had to do after the trenches were dug. It might well have been Horus who kept the legion on this role, allowing him to more easily sway the mind of Perturabo towards Chaos[Needs Citation].

It is widely acclaimed that Perturabo was envious of Rogal Dorn. He was annoyed by his constant reminders of the perfection of the defences on Terra. The other primarchs also kept Perturabo at a distance. This might have been because of his supreme command of technology, far in advance of anything the other primarchs could do. He is referred to as the 'comrade' who devised the best plan to avoid the defences of Overdogg Mashogg, an Ork Warboss under attack by Leman Russ, leader of the Space Wolves, and Jaghatai Khan, Khan of the White Scars [Needs Citation].

Horus Heresy

Perturabo and his brother Fulgrim, after their fall to Chaos, battle Eldar Revenants (not to be confused with 'Revenant Titans').[4]

Perturabo was leading his Iron Warriors on a campaign to cleanse the Hrud Warrens on Gugann when he received news that his home world, Olympia, was in rebellion. Dammekos was long dead but demagogues had brought the people together and risen in arms. The thought of being the only primarch who could not control his own homeworld appalled him. Horus made the most of the opportunity by presenting Perturabo with a hammer named Forgebreaker, the gift symbolic of a signing of a pact between them. Perturabo purged Olympia city by city, overrunning the fortresses he had built and sparing no one. By the time the massacre was over, five million Olympians had been killed and the rest put into slavery. Perturabo looked on in cold silence. After the pyres were burning, the Iron Warriors realized what they had done. They were no more the saviours of the Imperium, destroying the Hrud one moment and the next they were committing genocide. Perturabo realized the Emperor could never forgive him for what he had done[Needs Citation].

It was in that time that disturbing news of the Horus Heresy and new orders came from Terra. Leman Russ and the Space Wolves had attacked Magnus and his Thousand Sons on Prospero. Horus had turned renegade with his legion the Sons of Horus besides some other legions. The whole of the Imperium was on the brink of a civil-war. The new orders were to join with six other legions and then to face Horus and his forces on Isstvan V. The result of the following battle was that the Iron Warriors, Night Lords, Word Bearers and Alpha Legion all joined Horus and almost completely destroyed the three remaining loyal legions on the Drop Site Massacre[Needs Citation]. After that the Iron Warriors were let loose and Perturabo relished the opportunity to fight in a way that did not rely on massive sieges and trench warfare. Because of their massive deployment throughout the galaxy, dozens of Warsmiths took over planets and demanded tithes to support the heresy.

Perturabo was soon approched by Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor's Children, who promised the Lord of Iron near unlimited power. The two embarked on a quest to tip the balance of the rebellion in Horus' favor by journeying into the Eye of Terror and retrieve a weapon known as the Angel Exterminatus. The duo arrived in the Eye and quickly landed on the Crone World of Iydris. Entering an ancient Eldar citadel known as the Amon ny'shak Kaelis, the Emperor's Children and Iron Warriors had to contend with an army of Wraithguard and Wraithlords that had awoken from their slumber. At the height of the vicious battle Fulgrim attempted to betray his brother and slip away, but was pursued by Perturabo. Both soon arrived in a massive spherical chamber, and Fulgrim revealed to his brother that there was no Angel Exterminatus, but he rather was destined to become such a weapon on this world. Furious, Perturabo attempted to attack Fulgrim but was drained of his power when Fulgrim activated the Maugetar stone that Perturabo had previously received under the guise of a gift. Now with the Iron Warriors Primarchs' power in hand, Fulgrim revealed the purpose of his plan: to achieve Apotheosis, better known as Daemonhood.[7]

However just as Fulgrim was about to complete his ritual and achieve Daemonhood, Perturabo gathered enough strength to charge at his brother but were interrupted by an ambush of Salamanders, Iron Hands, and Raven Guard who had been stalking the traitor fleet in search of vengeance since the Drop Site Massacre. One of the loyalist Astartes during the battle shattered the Maugetar stone, freeing some of Perturabo's energy and giving him the ability to strike down Fulgrim with his Thunder Hammer. However Perturabo only managed to destroy the Primarchs mortal skin and was reborn as a Daemon Prince. Now a massive but elegant serpentine creature, Fulgrim told his brother that they would meet again then vanished in a burst of Warp energy along with his Emperor's Children. Exhausted and betrayed by his brother he knew had now lost any trace of honor, Perturabo allowed the loyalist Astartes to withdraw and led his own forces off the Crone World.[7]

Later, a large contingent of the Iron Warriors accompanied Perturabo to the Siege of Terra where he supervised the bombardment and siege of the Emperor's Palace. Perturabo took a perverse pleasure in tearing down the defences set up by Rogal Dorn[Needs Citation].


After fleeing Terra following Horus' death, Perturabo took the opportunity to take vengeance on the Imperial Fists with a trap on Sebastus IV. The trap was known as the Eternal Fortress, a keep centred within twenty square miles of bunkers, towers, minefields, trenches, tank traps and redoubts. Upon hearing of this, Rogal Dorn publicly declared that he "would dig Perturabo out of his hole and bring him back to Terra in an iron cage".

Perturabo vents his rage on the Imperial Fists.[5]

Rogal Dorn expected an honourable battle, but this was not to be. Beginning by isolating the four Companies of the Imperial Fists from their orbital support, Perturabo began to carefully divide his enemy and destroy them piecemeal. Some Imperial Fists managed to penetrate the defences and reach the centre of the Eternal Fortress, only to find there was no central keep - simply an open space watched by yet more defenses. The fortress was a decoy of no real value, surrounded by twenty miles of killing ground. By the sixth day of the siege, Imperial Fists Space Marines were fighting individually, without support, using the bodies of their own battle brothers for cover[Needs Citation].

The siege of the Eternal Fortress (later referred to as the "Iron Cage Incident") lasted for a further three weeks. Relief came in the form of Roboute Guilliman and the Ultramarines, who drove off the Iron Warriors, but the siege left Rogal Dorn a broken man and rendered the Imperial Fists Chapter unable to fight for nineteen years. The gene-seed of over 400 Imperial Fists was sacrificed to the Dark Gods, and Perturabo was elevated to the rank of Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided [Needs Citation].

Following this victory, the Iron Warriors fled to the Eye of Terror with and secured a new Daemon world named Medrengard, crafting a terrible fortress world where his soldiers ruled in vast towers. Perturabo's stronghold, Fortress of Hate, is said to be the most redoubtable of Fortress worlds[3]. Today, the Iron Warriors give their greatest loyalty to Peturabo for saving them from sacrifice in the name of the Emperor.

In 400.M32, Perturabo emerged once more to wreak havoc. Invoking Nurgle, Perturabo imbues a curse with extreme contagiousness and releases it into the mechanical systems on the Forge World of Toil. The Chaos plague spreads through the machines, and factory complexes change over the course of eight days. On the eighth day, giant cables burst from the ground spewing fourth hungry Daemon Engines while the factories themselves grow legs and prowl the planets surface. All life on Toil is eventually annihilated.[6] In early M39, Perturabo aided Abaddon the Despoiler in the 10th Black Crusade by opening a Warp Portal for the Black Legion.[8]


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