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Pirate Princes of the Ragged Helix

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The Pirate Princes of the Ragged Helix are a band of Pirate lords in the Calixis Sector who have taken up worship of Slaanesh.[1]


Pirate Princes hail from the treacherous Ragged Helix, a vast chain of asteroids that lies at the bleeding edge of the Inner Ring of the Screaming Vortex. These asteroids vary radically in size and population, and many host mighty fortresses or harbor enormous pirate fleets and ships of war. It is among these and other hazards that these infamous raiders dwell, and the preposterous tales of their extravagances and recklessness are unmatched. These heretics are true masters of their domains and enjoy unparalleled freedom from all save their own dark desires. Sallying forth from decadent fortresses and personal fiefs, the dread ships of these powerful individuals raid and pillage with reckless impunity. Though frequently at odds with the many warlords of the Screaming Vortex, they occasionally ally with such leaders in order to achieve their own ends. However, the capricious whims of these deviant raiders often guarantee that such alliances are fleeting at best.[1]

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