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Plague Marine

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A Plague Marine[2]

Plague Marines are Chaos Space Marines dedicated to the Chaos God Nurgle.


Within their corpulent and disgusting armour their bodies are bloated with disease, swollen with corruption and rank with decay. Their weaponry and equipment may be pitted with decay and corroding away, but they are still terrifying opponents. They have an inhuman tolerance for pain, enduring injuries that would cripple other Marines, their nerves dulled by disease or even partly rotted away.[Needs Citation]

Plague Marines normally appear armed with some manner of boltgun with which they unleash a steady rain of firepower, but may carry other weapons. They also often arm themselves with some form of close-combat blade that can communicate Nurgle's Rot to the victim.[1]

They make up much of the numbers of the Death Guard Legion, but not all Plague Marines are Death Guard; any Chaos Space Marine who dedicates himself to Nurgle may become a Plague Marine. The art of producing true Plague Marines is rare however, and few outside of the Death Guard know its secret. However Abaddon the Despoiler has won many of the Death Guard's Sorcerers to his cause, and as a result the Black Legion is known to field substantial numbers of these foul warriors.[1]


Many of the weapons employed by the Plague Marines transmit horrific and deadly maladies. They are wicked devices of death designed to please Nurgle and bring about both death and suffering. These weapons include[1]:

Notable Plague Marines


Plague Marine
Plague Marine[1]
A Plague Marine Squad

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