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Plague Wars

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Plague Wars
Battlefield Ultramar
Conflict Black Crusades
Date ~111.M42
Location Ultramar
Outcome Ongoing
Imperium Chaos
Lord Commander Roboute Guilliman
Chapter Master Marneus Calgar
Chapter Master Bardan Dovaro (KIA)
Chapter Master Eorloid
See Order of Battle See Order of Battle
Heavy Heavy

The Plague Wars is a series of battles that are occurring within the Realm of Ultramar, between the forces of the Chaos God Nurgle and the Imperium, after the Thirteenth Black Crusade.



The seeds of the conflict were planted by Nurgle sometime before the latest Black Crusade began, when he decided he wanted to annex the prosperous worlds of Ultramar into his Garden. In order to do this he ordered his forces to create Cults of Corruption and began spreading various diseases throughout Ultramar. These diseases devastated many worlds, but it was only with the creation of the Great Rift, during the Thirteenth Black Crusade, that Nurgle decided to fully act on his plans.[1]

Because the Realm of Ultramar is now located within the Dark Imperium, where the power of the Warp runs unchecked because of the Great Rift, this allowed Nurgle to create deadly new diseases that he unleashed upon Ultramar. However, these new diseases did not just cause death though; instead those they killed gave birth to groups of Nurglings, which soon began overwhelming Ultramar's already weakened worlds. Soon afterwards, the numerous Cults of Corruption infesting the Realm of Ultramar, began committing Chaos rituals that unleashed the various hordes of Daemons and Chaos Space Marines that served Nurgle on the worlds of Ultramar.[3]

Most prominent of these servants of Nurgle were the Death Guard, which was launched a massive invasion of Ultramar led personally by Mortarion. Mortarion gathered an enormous fleet around him, too large for the defenders to engage directly but still too small to attack Macragge itself. Nonetheless, Mortarion launched many probing attacks on Macragge, often with Plague Drones and Cultists, in order to drain Ultramar's resources in Morale.[3] Meanwhile, Mortarion moved on smaller more poorly defended worlds, slaughtering the populace in an attempt to goad Guilliman to battle. As worlds such as Iax, Espandor, and Ardium fell under siege Mortarion had a secondary fleet under Typhus terrorize the outer regions of Ultramar, destroying six major Star Forts overseeing Ultramar's shipping lanes[3]. A third major force, this time a host of Daemons, was led by the Great Unclean One Ku'gath.[2]

The Imperium would go to the Realm of Ultramar's aid and the fierce battles that followed were called the Plague Wars, by the Empire of Mankind. This conflict though, would soon spread to areas near Ultramar and directly led to the complete corruption of three nearby Imperium systems, located to its galactic north. These systems are now known as the Scourge Stars and are controlled by the forces of Nurgle, who launch fresh attacks against the Realm of Ultramar, in order to add its worlds to the Plague Father's Garden.[1]

Imperial Counterattack

Guilliman, having just concluded the Indomitus Crusade, eventually arrived with reinforcements to save beleaguered Ultramar. Even with Guilliman's arrival, the attacks across Ultramar were still too many to contain. However timely arrival of Ultramarines Successor Chapters and reinforcements from Forge Worlds allowed Guilliman to take the initiative. On Espandor, Guilliman launched the Spear of Espandor counterattack which halted the Chaos advance and resulted in stalemate. With Espandor contained, Guilliman launched a series of system-wide counterattacks.[3]

With Mortarion's main attack on Espandow contained, the Daemon Primarch shifted his focus and joined with Ku'gath. Together, they assaulted Parmenio and Iax simultaneously. On Parmenio, the largest armored and Titan battle of the war took place over the Plains of Hecatone. At the battles height, Guilliman struck Ku'gaths vanguard and slew his lieutenant Septicus. In space, the Star Fort Galatan attempted to provide support but was boarded by the Plague Fleet. Massive casualties ensued, including the loss of the Novamarines Chapter Master. However nonetheless, the Ultramarines and their allies made gains on Parmenio and Guilliman led a relief force to Iax.[3]

On Iax, Guilliman confronted Mortarion himself, fighting to a deadlock before the Death Guard withdrew under the cover of a Virus Bomb.[3]

Order of Battle


On Espandor

On Parmenio

On the Star Fort Galatan

On Iax (occurred later in the war)


On Iax, commanded by Ku'gath and Septicus

On Ardium

War of Flies Campaign

On Parmenio

Final Battle on Iax, commanded by Mortarion and Epidemius

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