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Planets of the Calixis Sector

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Galactic position of the Calixis Sector.

The Calixis Sector is an Imperial sector in Segmentum Obscurus near the Halo Stars and the Eye of Terror.

Golgenna Reach

Planet name System Population Type of World Notes
41 Pry Unknown Unknown Space Station Mostly deserted - some pirate activity.
Bront Unknown Unknown Hive World Home of the Brontian Longknives Imperial Guard Regiment.
Cyrus Vulpa Unknown Unknown Agri World Savannah-covered, herds of Grox.
Granithor Unknown Unknown Cemetery World
Hadd The Lathes Unknown Forge World
Hesh The Lathes Unknown Forge World
Het The Lathes Unknown Forge World
Iocanthos Unknown 5,000,000,000[1d] Agri World Source of Ghostfire Pollen.
Luggnum Unknown Unknown Mining World Ore exports.
Lycosidae The Lathes Unknown Dead World Legio Venator Fortress.
Merov Unknown Unknown Hive World Home of the Merovech Combine.
The Misericord Unknown Unknown Spacecraft Chartist Vessel.
ND0/K4 Unknown ~4500 (?) Mining World Gas mining operations.
Port Gavinus Unknown Unknown Space Station Popular commercial shipping station.
Port Wrath Unknown Unknown Space Station
Pry Unknown Uninhabited Gas Giant Orbited by Space Station 41 Pry.
Quaddis Unknown Unknown Pleasure World Famous for wines, private pleasure palaces for the wealthy.
Scintilla Unknown 25,000,000,000[1c] Hive World Sector Capital.
Sepheris Secundus Unknown 12,000,000,000[1e] Mining World/Feudal World Site of the Gorgonid Mine.
Settlement 228 Unknown Unknown Frontier World
Sophano Prime Unknown Unknown Mining World
Strank Unknown Unknown Feral World Swamp world, home of the infamous Stenchbeast of Strank.
Valon Urr Unknown Unknown Shrine World
Ysai Ydumee Unknown Unknown Frontier World

Drusus Marches

Planet name System Population Type of World Notes
47 Kapella Unknown Unknown War World In the Nr Blackshine Nebula, Undergoing Imperial pacification.
88 Tanstar Unknown 78,000,000[1f] Frontier World Battlefleet Calixis depot.
Archaos Unknown Unknown Hive World Planet of philosophers.
Askelphion Secundus Unknown Unknown Pleasure World
Cryptus Unknown Unknown Cemetery World Trip to Cryptus' is a euphamism for death.
Diogenes IV Research Station Unknown Unknown Research Station Anchored in the centre of the infamous Pulsars.
Drusus Shrine World Unknown Unknown Shrine World Also known as Sentinel.
Endrite Unknown Unknown Feral World Population revere ruined hulk of an Imperial battleship.
Fervious Unknown Unknown Feudal World Formerly known as Vasenrule.
Haddrack Unknown Unknown Death World Mechanicus Explorator Base/Sollex Admech sect.
Lacusta Unknown Unknown Feral World Home of the Windriders Imperial Guard Regiment.
Laskin Unknown Unknown Hive World
Lo Unknown Unknown Hive World Home of the Loi Metalworks Armoury.
Maccabeus Quintus Maccabeus System[2] Unknown Shrine World Home of the Black Order.
Monrass Unknown Unknown Feral World Lush and verdant backwater
Opus Macharius Unknown Unknown Forge World Named after Lord Solar Macharius.
Pellucida IX Unknown Unknown Mining World Mechanicus Demsene.
Piety Unknown Unknown Hive World A world of scum and villainy.
Port Wander Unknown Unknown Space Station Beyond the Drusus Marches. Last stop before The Halo Stars.
Protasia Unknown Unknown War World System declared independence from the sector.
Sacris Unknown Unknown Forbidden World A virulent plague is raging on this planet.
Spectoris Unknown 2,000,000[1g] Agri World Sector's largest exporter of fish; local fauna hostile to technology.
Thical Unknown Unknown Hive World Ancient laws and customs.
Threnos Zone Unknown Unknown Forbidden World System of 13 planets avoided by ancient custom.
Tygress I Tygress System[1a] Unknown Frontier World
Tygress II Tygress System[1a] Unknown Frontier World
Tygress III Tygress System[1a] Unknown Feral World
Tygress IV Tygress System[1a] Unknown Dead World
Tygress V Tygress System[1a] Unknown Feral World
Veneris Unknown Unknown Shrine World Mountains resemble certain Imperial saints.
Vigil Unknown Unknown Dead World Extensive ruins. Xenos population destroyed some 5000 years ago.
Zel Primus Zel System[1a] Unknown Unknown
Zel Secundus Zel System[1a] Unknown Death World
Zel Tertius Zel System[1a] Unknown Frontier World Newly settled, a model colony.

Adrantis Nebula

Planet name System Population Type of World Notes
Baraspine Unknown 2,000,000,000[1f] Hive World
Coseflame Unknown Unknown Feudal World Chasm city-states. Famous ore exports.
Grangold Unknown Unknown Dead World Acid storms.
Hippocrasian Agglomeration Unknown Unknown Space Station Orbiting Morwen VI.
Kormisoshi Dockyards Unknown Unknown Space Station Located to the coreward of Tranch.
Lehyde Ten Unknown Unknown Frontier World All attempts at colonisation to date have failed.
Marioch Unknown Unknown Frontier World
Mortressa Unknown Unknown Death World Home of the renowned 'Sycthewind' regiments.
Morwen VI Unknown Unknown Dead World Used as a training ground by certain regiments of the Brontian Longknives.
Omnicron 71-DX Unknown Unknown Forge World Near the Adrantis Nebula.
Perinetus Unknown Unknown Forge World Floating forges in orbit for spacecraft repairs.
Piety of Seth Unknown Unknown Shrine World
Reth Tephaine System Unknown Pleasure World
Siculi Tephaine System Unknown Agri World Many lakes produce a crop of Protoalgia.
Skorgulian Unknown Unknown Forge World
Soryth Unknown Unknown Mining World Frozen gas mining.
Tephaine Tephaine System Unknown Hive World
Tephaine Minor Tephaine System Unknown Agri World
Tranch Unknown Unknown Hive World
Volonx Unknown Unknown Feral World

Hazeroth Abyss

Planet name System Population Type of World Notes
Belahaam Unknown Unknown Forbidden/Xenos World
Bloodfall System Unknown Unknown Death World
Cloister Unknown Unknown Frontier World Once a bastion of the Black Templars.
Clove Unknown Unknown Hive World Main base of Clovis Ministorum. Home to the 23rd Drusus Dragoons.
Cyprian's Gate Unknown Unknown Pleasure World
Dalthus Unknown Unknown Mining World Miners noted for gaudy trinkets and charms.
Dwimlicht Unknown Unknown Feral World
Elros Unknown Unknown Feudal World An all-female death cult dominates this planet.
Gunpoint Unknown Unknown Hive World Now a byword for failure.
Guytoga Unknown Unknown Hive World
Hesiod's Wake Unknown Unknown Agri World
Heterodyne Unknown Unknown Feudal World Mechanicus domain / Feudal-tech experiment.
Hilarion Unknown Unknown Agri World
Ichovor Unknown Unknown Feudal World World of swamps and rotting forests.
Idumea Unknown Unknown Forge World
Kommitzar Unknown Unknown Penal World Notorious prison planet.
Malice Unknown Unknown War World Frontline of 'Wrack War'.
Mara Unknown Unknown Forbidden World Ice World and former penal colony - Access Forbidden.
Percipre Unknown Unknown Agri World World covered in extensive greenhouse complexes.
Phagir Unknown Unknown Dead World Once an agri-world, Phagir was ravaged by a genetic virus.
Phyrr Unknown Unknown Death World Home to the beautiful but deadly Phyrr Cat.
Pilgrim's Pause Unknown Unknown Cemetery World
Purgatory of Soubirous Unknown Unknown Mining World
Regulus Unknown Unknown Agri World Run by the Celestine Alliance.
Samson IV Unknown Unknown Hive World
Scarric XXII Unknown Unknown Unclassified Used as a dump planet for the system's waste - used by smugglers as a hideout.
Sekmet Unknown Unknown Gas Giant
Sheol XVII Unknown Unknown Asteriod Penal colony and Mechanicus outpost.
St. Astrid's Fall Unknown Unknown Frontier World Moon orbiting Sekmet.
Soprony Unknown Unknown Forbidden/Xenos World
Stygian Prime Stygian System[1b] Unknown Agri World Cold world with subterranean fungus farms.
Synford Unknown Unknown Forge World Baneblades produced here.
Threnos Unknown Unknown Dead World Sometimes confused with the Threnos Zone
Valos Krin Unknown Unknown Feral World World of ash storms and fire.

Malfian Sub-Sector

Planet name System Population Type of World Notes
Alactra Unknown Unknown Hive World
Aryus One Unknown Unknown Feudal World Close to the Halo Stars.
Bilani Unknown Unknown Agri World
Cindar Unknown Unknown Mining World
Dusk Dusk System Unknown Feral World
Faldon Kise Unknown Unknown Frontier World
Facrast Unknown Unknown War World
Festus Unknown Unknown Feudal World
Fydae Minos Fydae System[1a] Unknown Agri World Piracy is a constant problem in the Fydae System.
Gallowglass Unknown Unknown Agri World A moon rather than a planet.
Junos Fydae System[1a] Unknown Mining World Piracy is a constant problem in the Fydae System.
JXM A18Z Unknown Unknown Forge World
Kenov III Unknown Unknown Death World Home of the Ripper Whips.
Kessae Fydae System[1a] Unknown Frontier World Piracy is a constant problem in the Fydae System.
Kinog Unknown Unknown Pleasure World
Kuluth Unknown Unknown War World
Landunder Landunder System 1,000,000,000 (approx) Hive World Inverted colonies dangle from the planet's crust.
Lind Unknown Unknown Hive World The Lindwyrm Armour produces grenades.
Loss Unknown Unknown Feral World
Malfi Malfi System Unknown Hive World Believes it should be the sector capital and protests the supremacy of Scintilla.
MMX 215 Unknown Unknown Forbidden World
Mundas Unknown Unknown White Dwarf Orbited by Port Goston
Nahme Unknown Unknown Mining World
Orbel Quill Unknown Unknown Agri World No one here lives past the age of 40.
Penopass Unknown Unknown Feudal World
Port Goston Unknown Unknown Space Station Main headquaters for Battlefleet Calixis.
Seedworld AFG:218 Unknown Unknown Forbidden/Xenos World Possible Eldar holding, cordoned off by Battlefleet Calixis.
Synford II Unknown Unknown Forge World
Vaxanide Unknown Unknown Frontier World Being developed into a Hive World
Xeiros Prime Unknown Unknown Forbidden World Former Agri World, under virus quarantine.
Zweihan's World Unknown Unknown Hive World Famous for St Castor the Obviate

Josian Reach

Planet name System Population Type of World Notes
Abandoned Hope Unknown Unknown Forbidden World Access forbidden by Inquisitorial order.
Acreage Unknown Unknown Feudal World Civil war in the realm of Ascandia.
Canopus Unknown Unknown Hive World
Fenksworld Unknown 1,000,000,000 Hive World Battlefleet Calixis depot.
Hredrin Unknown Unknown Hive World Site of the Gaolist Astropaths.
Kao-li Unknown Unknown Forbidden/Xenos World
Fudrun Unknown Unknown Frontier World
Munsk Unknown Unknown Feral World
Orendal's Tomb Unknown Unknown Shrine World
Palinurus Rhys Unknown Unknown Frontier World
Prester Myra Unknown Unknown Cemetery World
Reshia Unknown Unknown Shrine World
Sigurd IV Unknown Unknown Hive World
Snowden's World Unknown Unknown Frontier World Home of the Slaughter-Families.
Tsade Tsade System[1b] Unknown Dead World
Tsade II Tsade System[1b] Unknown Agri World
Woe Unknown Unknown Death World
Zillman's Domain Unknown Unknown Feudal World Reported visit from the Hereticus Tenebrae 8 years ago.
Zumthor Unknown Unknown Frontier World

Markayn Marches

Planet name System Population Type of World Notes
Balecaster Unknown Unknown Feudal World
Belacane Belacane System 2,700,000,000 Forge World Famed for its Stasis Technology.
Calistra Unknown Unknown Frontier World
Cantus Unknown Unknown Hive World
Dreath Unknown Unknown Agri World
Fedrid Unknown Unknown Feral World Forest world with many deadly species.
Gelmiro Primus Gelmiro System Unknown War World
Gelmiro Secundus Gelmiro System Unknown War World
Gelmiro Tertius Gelmiro System Unknown War World
Grove's Fall Unknown Unknown Hive World Sentinel production.
Heed Unknown Unknown Dead World Battle site of Angevin Crusade. Firestorms.
Karrik Unknown 10,500,000 approx (Human and Abhuman) Death World Orbited by The Pearl Moon.
Klybo Klybo System Unknown Dead World Rumour of hidden STC.
Mosul Unknown Unknown Frontier World
Prol IX Prol System Unknown Hive World Home of the Decalogues of Prol.
Ryboth Unknown Unknown Forge World
Siren's Den Unknown Unknown Pleasure World
Solomon Solomon System 13,000,000,000[3] Hive World Departmento Munitorum Fiefdom/Chemical Refineries.
Sozomen's Last Stand Unknown Unknown Agri World
Turanshush Unknown Unknown Forge World

The Periphery

Planet name System Population Type of World Notes
Avitohol Unknown Unknown Forbidden/Xenos World Ongoing war between Orks and the Imperium.
Cyclopea Unknown Unknown Forge World
Drystan Construction Yards Unknown Unknown Space Station Near the Scarus Sector.
Ganf Magna Unknown Unknown Frontier World Feral Orks at large on this planet. Polygum is exported.
Kalf Unknown Unknown Frontier World Home of the Sand Devil.
K'otal K'otal System 4,000,000,000 Frontier/Hive World
Kulth Unknown Unknown War World Ork invasion - conflict in its 83rd year.
Sabriel Unknown Unknown Space Station Abandoned Mechanicus outpost.
Sinophia Unknown Unknown Frontier World
Sisk Unknown Unknown Feudal World
Sleef Unknown Unknown Dead World Warp vibrations.


Planet name System Population Type of World Notes
Stilicho Unknown Unknown Space Station Known pirate activity, location unknown.