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Plasma gun

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Imperial Diagram of a Plasma Gun[11]

Plasma gun is a generic term for a two-handed, rifle-like, plasma based weapon used by the forces of the Imperium as well as Chaos in a support role.


The weapon fires a highly energised ball of hydrogen-based plasma.[1] This plasma ball or "bolt" is accelerated through a magnetic accelerator, which upon impact with the target detonates with the power of a small sun.[1] Generally Imperial models are prone to overheating and can cause severe injury or death to the user should they experience such a meltdown. Imperial Guardsmen consider it a dubious honour to be chosen as a squad's plasma gunner for this exact reason.[2] Aesthetically they appear to be stubby and rather clunky, with a ribbed back and flared cooling vents along the front. Hydrogen flasks stick out of the butt and bottom of the weapon.[7] These flasks generally contain enough fuel for at least 10 shots before needing to be replaced.[6] Replacing these flasks is time-consuming and difficult in the best of situations.[7] Handheld plasma guns can be found throughout the Imperial war machine, from the mighty Imperial Guard to the elite Space Marines.

Other races, such as the Tau are known to employ weapons similar in function to the plasma gun such as the plasma rifle. While not as destructive as Imperial plasma weapons, the Tau equivalent is not prone to the catastrophic failures of the Imperial version.[4]

First adopted by the Blood Angels, the MK I Apollo Pattern Plasma Gun was created design by one of their less known Techpriests. The weapon gained popularity with other “fire based” chapters, like the Salamanders, when it was shown to have a “molten lava” like effect when fired on most worlds. While the blue-white coils burn hotter than standard blue plasma weapons, resulting in a longer damage over time effect, they are also prone to overheating faster..[16]

The MK XII Ragefire was used by the Ultramarines during the defense of Graia. It was capable of holding up to 100 shots before needed to reload and would refuse to fire once overheated (to prevent explosive weapon failure), could be manually vented to release heat build up. It could also be charged to fire a more powerful, explosive bolt, at the cost of range and ammo efficiency.[3]

The MK IId Accatran Pattern Plasma Gun was special issued to and used by the Death Korps of Krieg's 134th Heavy Infantry Regiment's Thamyris Taskforce during the Necron invasion of the Orpheus Sector sometime before 998.M41.[18]

Known Plasma Gun Patterns

  • MK II Ragefire Pattern[9]
  • MK XII Ragefire Pattern[3]
  • MK I Apollo Pattern[16]
  • MK V Mars Pattern[1]
  • MK XXXV Magnacore Pattern[6]
  • MK II Accatran Pattern[5]
  • MK IId Accatran Pattern[18]
  • MK VI Sunwolf Pattern[10]
  • MK IV Clovis Pattern[8]




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