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Plasma Incinerator

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Plasma Incinerator

The Mk.III Belisarius-pattern Plasma Incinerator is a type of Plasma Gun used by the Primaris Space Marines.


Developed by Magos Belisarius Cawl, it is a refinement of the older Plasma Gun design and the most advanced of its kind in the Imperial arsenal. The Plasma Incinerator fires a potent armour-melting blast with no risk of overload, though safety can not be assured when it is fired on an overloaded charge setting.[2]

Plasma Incienrators are typically wielded by Primaris Hellblaster Squads.[1]


  • Plasma Exterminator — Handheld pistol version.
  • Assault Plasma Incinerator — Features additional targeting arrays.[3]
  • Heavy Plasma Incinerator — Larger infantry-portable version that features a power backpack.[3]
  • Macro Plasma Incinerator — Heaviest type used by Redemptor Dreadnoughts.[3]


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