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Port Carmine

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Port Carmine is an important starport of Commorragh, home of the Dark Eldar. Second only in violent reputation to the Port of Lost Souls, Port Carmine hosts a dazzling array of spacecraft. It is from Port Carmine that Duke Sliscus, the infamous Eldar Corsair, stole his flagship Incessant Agony.

Currently, control of Port Carmine is being contested by two Kabals, the Kabal of the Slashed Eye and the Kabal of the Stolen Conscience. The two Kabals' warfleets battle endlessly over the Port.[1]

Iconoclast's Mound

Beneath Port Carmine there is a vast area full of jewels, religious artifacts and relics. These have all been dumped by Raiding parties returning from Realspace. It is rumored to have started as a joke, but it has escalated into a tradition among the kabals there. Many beggars and parched scavenge the area, taking what they find from the plunder, but often too afraid to take any gold. [2]