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Prodigal Sons

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The Prodigal Sons are a Chaos Space Marine warband led by Ahriman of the Thousand Sons.[1a]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
ThousandSonsPost-Heresy.jpg Name: Prodigal Sons Thousand Sons sym.jpg
Primarch: Magnus
Origin: Thousand Sons
Founder/Leader: Ahzek Ahriman
Homeworld: Mobile
Chaos Dedication: Tzeentch Model
Colours: Blue, yellow/gold Unknown.jpg
Speciality: Psychic powers
Battle Cry: Unknown
Current Strength: Unknown


The Prodigal Sons' origins trace back to the warband called The Brotherhood of Dust, led by Amon.[2] This warband was created from many sorcerers and Rubric Marines of the Thousand Sons, along with Chaos Space Marines from numerous other factions.[2a] The warband eventually came under Ahriman control after he killed Amon in a duel.[2b]

The colour scheme used on the armour of The Brotherhood of Dust was the same as that of the Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons: red with silver trim. Ahriman changed the colour scheme to blue with gold trim.[2c] Despite this, some members of the warband did not adopt the new colour scheme, such as Augustonar, who wore white armour, and Ignis, who wore orange.[3b]


The Prodigal Sons have been mainly used as a tool by Ahriman as a means to attain rare and powerful relics. Over the years Ahriman has aquired very powerful relics such as the Athenaeum of Kallimakus. The most notable actions of the Prodigal Sons however have been connected to Ahriman's attempts to gain entry to the Black Library of Chaos, such as the plundering of the library of Arcadia. During this incident they aided Ahriman in enacting sorcerous rituals as well as combating Harlequin guardians and Blood Raven interlopers.[Needs Citation]

Every member that has joined the Prodigal Sons have joined for various reasons. Some of these reasons may include gaining Ahriman's favour, receiving fortunes or learning secrets.[3a] The main reason Chaos Space Marines have chosen to follow Ahriman, (especially Sorcerers) is out of a desire to learn from him and potentially gain his power for their own, unaware that Ahriman has no intention of allowing a subordinate to learn his secrets or to challenge him in power, as he once did to Magnus, primarch of the Thousand Sons.[1a]

In addition to the actual warband, it is believed by at least some in the Imperium that the Prodigal Sons of Ahriman also include a network of allied magi scattered across space who are encouraged to both foster cult activity that would aid Ahriman's research goals but also potentially act as future warband recruits.[1d]

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