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Prospero Burns (Novel)

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Prospero Burns
Cover art by Neil Roberts
Author Dan Abnett
Performed by Gareth Armstrong
Publisher Black Library
Series Horus Heresy Series
Preceded by The First Heretic
Followed by The Outcast Dead
Released January 2011
Pages 416
Length: 15 hours
Editions 2011 softcover:
ISBN 9781844167760

2010 ebook:
ISBN 9780857871251

2010 audiobook:
ISBN 9780857871220

2012 audio CD:
ISBN 9781849702232

2014 hardcover:
ISBN 9781849707756

Prospero Burns by Dan Abnett is the fifteenth novel in the Horus Heresy Series. It describes the Burning of Prospero from the perspective of Leman Russ and his Space Wolves, thus forming the second part of the duology with A Thousand Sons (Novel) by Graham McNeill.

The novel was originally scheduled to be published in April 2010. However due to author Dan Abnett being diagnosed with epilepsy, the publication date was moved back to January 2011.[2]

Prospero Burns reached number 16 on the New York Times best-seller list in the paperback best sellers mass-market fiction section. This was the first time a Black Library novel made in into the top 20.[1]

Plot Summary

Primarch Magnus the Red, of the Thousand Sons Legion, has made a catastrophic mistake that endangers the safety of Terra. With no other choice, the Emperor charges Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves, with the apprehension of his brother from the Thousand Sons home world of Prospero. This planet of sorcerers will not be easy to overcome, but Russ and his Space Wolves are not easily deterred. With wrath in his heart, Russ is determined to bring Magnus to justice and cause the fall of Prospero. (Events occur in 003.M31)