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Pyrocataclysm of Vilidad Prime

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The Pyrocataclysm of Vilidad Prime as a battle fought between the Imperium and the forces of Chaos in 006.M40.[1]


After broadcasting a terror message condemning the lack of beauty in the populace, the Chaos Space Marines of the Flawless Host invade the world of Vilidad Prime. The 122nd Imeldan Destriers, a veteran Imperial Guard regiment, make a valiant attempt to hold back the renegades. Modified nova charges are set by the Flawless Host throughout the adamantium mines and the population centers above them. Though the surviving Destriers fight the Chaos Space Marines every step of the way, the vast majority are slain in battle, their persecutors claiming the kills are ‘for the sin of mediocrity in the face of true beauty’.[1]

Though the Destriers are reduced to their bare threshold within the first three days of fighting, reports of strange Space Marines appearing in the mining districts crop up again and again, each time engaging the Flawless Host and driving them back. At first, the strikes are so sudden and brutally effective that the Destriers think they have a real chance of outlasting the renegades. When the Chaos Lord that calls himself the Visionary joins the fight, a hundred daemonic handmaidens at his side, the tide swings back again, for many of the Legion’s number are banished by the claws of the Slaaneshi daemons. Those Legionnaires that remain become searing columns of fire, fighting with a fury that makes them every bit as frightening as the renegade invaders. During what comes to be known as the Pyrocataclysm, the fire of the Legionnaires proves able to burn even Daemon flesh, and the Slaaneshi entities are sent screaming back to their master’s realm.[1]

Though they commit a number of spiteful acts during their retreat, the Flawless Host flee back to their ships rather than risk disfigurement and defeat. During the fighting, a dozen new seams of adamantium are revealed by weapon blasts that scar the surface of Vilidad Prime.[1]