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Qin Xa

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Qin Xa was a member of the White Scars and Captain of the Keshig during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. A staunch loyalist of his Primarch Jaghatai Khan, Qin Xa fought alongside the Khan during their youth on Chogoris and was inducted into the legion after Khan's rediscovery by the Emperor.[1]

Two years into the Horus Heresy, Qin Xa battled against traitors at Peressimar, driving them out in a great victory.[2]

Four years into the Horus Heresy, Qin Xa was part of a raid at Kalium where he fought Eidolon on the Kalium Gate, a massive space structure many times larger than a star fort guarding a strategic warp point. Before he was killed, he was rescued by Revuel Arvida using his warp powers and taken back to the Lance of Heaven to be treated. While deeply wounded, he spoke to Arvida through psychic means to express his fear that the Khan would blame himself for the failure. Arvida assured him that Ilya Ravallion offered the Scars a path, and that the sacrifice would lead to victory before Qin Xa passed away.[2]