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Quan Zhou

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Quan Zhou[1]

Quan Zhou is the Fortress-Monastery of the White Scars Space Marines. Located in the heart of the Khum Karta Mountains on Chogoris, it sits atop the most inaccessible peak on the entire planet and was originally the site of Jaghatai Khan's ancient palace.[1]


The gates of this great fortress are lined with the severed heads of countless defeated foes while its feasting halls are heavily hung with wealth taken in the White Scars' campaigns. Like all Fortress-Monasteries, it is armoured and void-shielded to withstand any siege of bombardment and its walls bristle with enough firepower to flatten a city. Aerial defenses include an array of Icarus Pattern Lascannons and a Defense Laser known as Khan's Fury.[1]

The Librarium is in a lightning-wracked spire where the Chapter's Librarians, known as Stormseers, study their lore and chronicle the deeds of their Khans. They also preside over the Chapter's Astropaths as they relay messages throughout space.[1]