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Raid on Bakka (Red Corsairs)

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The Raid on Bakka was a major attack mounted by Huron Blackheart and his Red Corsairs on the Imperial Segmentum Fortress of Bakka in 980.M41.[1]


Aiming to seize vessels for his own fleet, Huron launched a surprise attack on the Imperial shipyards orbiting Bakka. At the height of the battle a Grey Knights Strike Cruiser exited the Warp into the heart of the Red Corsair fleet, firing on its flagship. Taking advantage of the confusion Grand Master Mordrak and his bodyguard of Paladins teleported aboard the Chaos vessel and fought their way to its bridge, searching for Huron himself.[1]

Though badly outnumbered, the Grey Knights fought on and were mysteriously reinforced by the ghosts of Battle-Brothers slain by the Red Corsairs on Mortain. With their aid, Mordrak is able to best Huron's inner circle of Terminator bodyguards. Realizing his peril, Huron abandoned the bridge but is nonetheless seemingly killed by Mordrak before he vanishes. However the being Mordrak killed turned out to be a daemonic doppelganger who had switched places with Huron. Furious, Mordrak and his forces withdraw back to their Strike Cruiser before Huron's fleet makes it escape into the Warp. Though Mordrak failed to kill Huron Blackheart, he had nonetheless saved the Bakka shipyards.[1]

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