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Raid on Tamantra's Folly

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The Raid on Tamantra's Folly was a Dark Eldar raid by the Kabal of the Last Hatred on the Imperial Hive World of Tamantra's Folly in 327.M41.[1]


The insane Archon Thyndrak of the Last Hatred launches a raid on the hive world of Tamantra’s Folly. During fierce fighting between her Kabalite forces and the Tallarn 8th Infantry, Archon Thyndrak abducts the planet’s tyrannical governor and his entire sadistic household. Within the cycle, the luckless abductees have been fitted with neural restraints, dressed in improbable and torturous finery, and installed in life support tubes built into the ceiling of Archon Thyndrak’s grand ballroom. Trapped in an agonising half-life, the nobles can be lowered down to the Archon’s dance floor at will on wheezing brass armatures, their mere presence leaving the hall awash with an aura of pain and misery that the Commorrites find most refreshing. Needless to say, Thyndrak’s new toys are something of a coup, her guests delighting in dancing and frolicking with the whimpering humans amid the mocking laughter of their peers.[1]