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Rak'Gol Maurauders attacking citizens.

The Rak’Gol are a vicious xeno race of Marauder pirates found in the Koronus Expanse. The slightest mention of their name makes the denizens of the expanse highly superstitious as it is said to invite the brutal creatures to attack. [1a]


Rak’Gol typically possess eight limbs, while not in pursuit a Rak’Gol will walk upright on four limbs using the other four for various functions. While chasing prey the Rak’Gol can easily alter its body position so that it can use all eight limbs for locomotion. A Rak’Gol’s upper four limbs are adaptable and can change their musculature to use as hands with opposable digits or as grasping feet. A Rak’Gol’s limbs are strong enough that an adult can climb and run upside down. [1b].

Rak’Gol are large creatures that easily dwarf humans; standing at least 2.6 metres tall and weighing 175 kilograms. Rak’Gol are reptilian in appearance with thick stony hides, two eyes deeply set into the skull and tympanic-like membranes for hearing. Other common features include keen senses of smell and sight, and a prehensile tail to assist in balance. [1b].


Little is known about Rak’Gol society, most information about the species has been collected through encounters and various anecdotal tales of their attacks on colonies. Rak’Gol are savage and brutal creatures likened to beasts instead of an advanced xeno race. Within their society there is nothing more important that hunting, and much of it revolves around the kill.[1b] Young Rak’Gol are taught to work together in a pack to support each other’s strengths and weakness’ to accomplish a goal, where a singular Rak’Gol would fail. As Rak’Gol mature they are taught tactics and hunting strategies and set out with a Clutchmaster to be “blooded”, if the Rak’Gol succeeds the Clutchmaster will present the individual with bionics and cybernetics, as the Rak’Gol ages, it gains more and more bionics until it is mostly machine.[1c]

Rak’Gol have an indecipherable language composed of screeching and rasping noises, and they show no interest in communicating with other races further than slaughtering them.[1b] Currently the home planet or system of the Rak’Gol is unknown but are thought to originated from far beyond the known borders of the Expanse.[1b].


There are several “castes” of Rak’Gol have varying levels of command and tasks within a pack.

Rak'Gol Marauder vessel ambushing another ship
  • Marauders: Marauders are the most common Rak’Gol encountered and can be considered the average foot troop. All Marauders have at least one cybernetic enhancement and each Rak’Gol Marauder has its own unique combination of equipment and weapons. Marauders are formed from packs of between 10 and 20 Rak’Gol who have survived being blooded. In battle they tend to try and overwhelm their opponents with speed and ferocity though they show the ability to use cunning in a situation [1c]
  • Clutchmasters: Clutchmasters are the “lieutenants” of a Rak’Gol force and take directions from the Broodmasters above them. They are often the captains of smaller Rak’Gol vessels. [1c]
  • Broodmasters: Broodmasters are the Rak’Gol commanders and lead the attack raids against the other races of the Koronus Expanse. They are distinguished from the lesser Rak’Goh marauders by the large amount of cybernetic enhancements to their body, often resulting in them being more machine than flesh. They use their leadership status to rouse the Marauders into a bloodthirsty mob when preparing to attack. Broodmasters are also capable of utilizing highly bestial tactics in space combat involving attacking a ship and leaving crewman alive to call for help, when help arrives the Rak’Gol pounce on their ships as well. [1c]
  • Abominations: Abominations are the leader-caste of the Rak’Gol and also the rarest encountered. Each Abomination is heavily modified with cybernetics and bionics, even more so than the Broodmasters. Abominations also appear to be a sort of spiritual leader to the Rak’Gol, planning there raids positioning all of the warriors across the Expanse. [1c]
A Rak'Gol Marauder wielding a Heavy Stubber.


Rak’Gol technology is thought to be primitive to Imperial standards and they seem to favour brutal and efficient technology and weapons.


Implants and Bionics

  • Implanted Ceramic Plates: These plates form a crude patchwork of armour. [1d]
  • Bionic Respiratory Systems[1d]
  • Implanted Vox [1d]
  • Photo-visor: Advanced lenses to give the owner vision in even the lowest lighting conditions.[1d]


All Rak’Gol vessels are unique, but similar enough in size and shape that they can be given a single broad classification; the Rak’Gol Marauder. These ships are believed to have between 20,000 to 30,000 Rak’Gol crewman aboard. [1e]

Marauders are shoddily put together, and like their weaponry, are considered primitive. The ship is built around a core of weapon spines and a navigation core, while the hull is bristled with barbs, fins and turrets for short-range defence; these macrobatteries are called Howler Cannon after the sound they make when the ammunition impacts an opposing ship’s hull and release dozens of high velocity shells to rip apart an enemy ship. Rarely the larger Rak’Gol Mangler ships have a large lance weapon called a Roarer Beam that runs completely down the centre of the ship. [1e]

Rak’Gol Marauders have a unique Stutter fission-pulse drive for propulsion. These engines release high-energy blasts of radiation that push the ship forward at great velocities, but make the ship fall short on manoeuvrability. It is unknown if the radiation created by the engines affects the Rak’Goh crew inside the vessel. [1e]

Rak'Gol Mangler (top), Mauler (middle) and Butcher (bottom) compared to Imperial Cruisers

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