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Randul's Knight, the Impenetrable

Randul is a Knight of House Raven. Randul is one of the many Barons that serve beneath Princeps Grevan. His rank can be distinguished by twin white stripes down his carapace. Baron Randul has been under a black cloud for the last decade, for his peers know him as ‘the cursed Baron’, an epithet he has only been too eager to shake. Each time he has gone to battle, his Knight GallantImpenetrable – has been so badly damaged that it has tested even the skill of the Sacristans to repair it.[1]

Yet each mission assigned to Baron Randul, no matter how severe the odds against him, has been successfully completed. These triumphs are most often linked to the bold and impetious heroics of the hard-driving Knight Gallant himself. The Baron’s closest kin, those who serve as his court, know of their leader’s curse, but are proud to serve beneath him. In the end, they know Baron Randul will make any sacrifice to achieve victory.[1]