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Reclamation of Safiniyus

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The Reclamation of Safiniyus was a battle fought by the Raven Guard.

Safiniyus — a mining world rich in promethium — falls into the hands of renegades and Night Lords, but before the foe can act, the Raven Guard are upon them at full Chapter strength. Reiver Squads deploy via grav-chutes to seize power plants while Inceptor Squads secure rig-spires, dueling enemy assault troops atop the miles-high platforms above the promethium seas. Chapter Master Shrike leads so many Thunderhawk drop assaults that it appears to foes that he is in many places simultaneously. In shock at the suddenness of the attacks, the Night Lords flee, leaving their renegade and cultist allies behind. Within weeks the planet becomes the first of many worlds across Segmentum Tempestus to be so liberated by the Space Marines.[1]