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Rhodoks is a Baron of House Griffith and pilots the Knight Gallant Unending Glory, which was constructed on Dragon's End in M36. He serves in the House's Kingsward, whose sworn duty is to protect Griffith's ruler, the High King Bryce, at all times and not once during Rhodoks's many years of service has his lord ever been harmed. Like many Nobles of House Griffith, Rhodoks believes that war should be conducted up close and personal and that long-ranged firefights are not only dishonourable, but intensely dull. In battle, this style of combat served him well on Calagin III, where he single-handedly brought a traitor Warhound to its knees, and on the scrapworld Lorix, where he claimed three Gorkanaut kills in a single battle. As a result of his actions, his fellow Knights see Rhodoks as a paragon of war, who is known for his heroism and bold assaults. To the Departmento Munitorum though, he is a reckless and unpredictable logistical nightmare; yet they have to grudgingly concede his actions have won the Imperium many victories.[1]