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Rufus Aquila

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Rufus Aquila was the Princeps of the Imperator Titan Aquila Ignis and part of the Legio Mortis, during the Horus Heresy[1]. The Legio sided with Horus during that conflict and became corrupted by the powers of pestilence, which Rufus and his crew willingly gave themselves to; thoroughly corrupting themselves and the Aquila Ignis.[1][2]

During the Schism of Mars Rufus was deployed by the Legio Mortis, during their walk on the Magma City and the defending loyalist Legio Tempestus. Though he succeeded in destroying the remnants of Tempestus, the destruction of the Magma City by Adept Koriel Zeth unleashed a torrent of lava that destroyed the Aquila Ignis' main body, killing the Princeps and leaving only its corrupted Hellstorm Cannon behind.[2]