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Sabbat Worlds (Anthology)

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Sabbat Worlds
Cover art by Stefan Kopinski.
Author Dan Abnett, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Matthew Farrer, Nick Kyme, Graham McNeill, Sandy Mitchell, Nik Vincent
Editor Dan Abnett
Publisher Black Library
Series Gaunt's Ghosts
Followed by Sabbat Crusade
Released 2010

Sabbat Worlds, edited by Dan Abnett, is a collection of short stories set during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.

It was first published in October 2010.

Apostle's Creed

By Graham McNeill

The elite fighter pilots of the Apostles must discover the location of a hidden enemy base if they are to prevent the disastrous loss of the war on the Sabbat World of Amadeo.

The Headstone and the Hammerstone Kings

By Matthew Farrer

In the Sabbat Worlds, an Adeptus Mechanicus team searches a machine graveyard for salvageable technology to help win the war. But not all the dead machines are Imperial in origin...


By Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Captured by the Blood Pact, a member of Warmaster Slaydo's personal bodyguard recounts the Warmaster's slaying of Archon Nadzybar on Balhaut.

The Iron Star

By Dan Abnett

A weary Colonel-Commissar Gaunt must fight a life or death battle in an unknown warzone.


By Nik Vincent

Main article: Cell (Short Story)

On the world of Reredos, brave bands of freedom fighters resist the occupying forces. Ayatani Perdu leads one resistance cell, but can he trust his fellow conspirators?


By Nick Kyme

The Volpone Bluebloods must set aside their distaste for their primitive allies and find the source of Chaos corruption before they are all declared unclean and destroyed.

A Good Man

By Sandy Mitchell

Administratum adept Zale Linder, assigned to the reconstruction efforts on Verghast, uncovers a mystery when he goes looking for a missing friend.

Of Their Lives in the Ruins of Their Cities

By Dan Abnett

Long before they became Gaunt's Ghosts, the Tanith First were perched on the edge of destruction. Can they rally behind Gaunt and become the legends they are destined to be?

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