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Sacris Claymore

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The Sacris Claymore is a weapon unique to Sacris. These large, two-handed swords are heirloom weapons handed down through generations of Sacris tribesmen and are commonly the weapons that they use in battle, having been raised knowing how to use them.[1b]

When the Storm Wardens come to Sacris to recruit Neophytes by initiation, many Aspirants who pass the trials take with them a Sacris claymore. This replaces the combat knife they would normally be given, accompanying its wielder until the day he dies. Storm Wardens adjust their claymores to proportions and materials befitting a Space Marine. When dealing with matters of honour, an enraged Storm Warden will likely favour his claymore over any other weapons available, even if they are better.[1a][1b]

Commonly a Storm Warden will ask that his claymore be delivered home when he finally dies in battle. Claymores that have found their way back to Sacris in this way are often held in great esteem by their tribes, bringing them great honour.[1a]