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Sanakht was a former member of the Thousand Sons legion.


He was of the Athanaeans and a student of ancient swordsmanship techniques and of such great skill, that none of the Thousand Sons' Corvidae were able to see visions of his eventual defeat. Sanakht survived the razing of Prospero and fashioned a tower for himself on the Planet of Sorcerers.[1]

After Fulgrim's ascension on Iydris, Lucius heard of Sanakht's peerless skill from Hathor Maat, and made to challenge him on the Planet of Sorcerers. Sanakht, welcoming the challenge yet offering advice to Lucius, was eventually defeated by Lucius. Before Lucius could deal the killing blow, however, Sanakht was saved by a psychic barrier cast by Ahzek Ahriman. Ahriman commented that while Sanakht would not have saved himself via sorcery, his own need for Sanakht meant that he had no such qualms.[1] Ahriman later recruited Sanakht in his attempts to find the Shards of Magnus. Sanakht was accompanied by Lucius, who was eager for a rematch with the warrior.[4]

Sanakht survived the Heresy and the Rubric of Ahriman. Sometime after Ahriman killed Amon he would join Ahriman's warband.[2] For many years he served Ahriman, but became disturbed by the Sorcerer's fanatical desire to find the Shard of Magnus in the Athenaeum of Kallimakus in order to complete his Second Rubric. After witnessing Ahriman casually sacrifice many of his Sorcerers, Sanakht conspired with Ignis to kill the Sorcerer. However he was betrayed by Ignis, who revealed to have been a double agent sent by Ahriman after he had foreseen Sanakht's treachery. Ahriman purged Sanakht's mind and free will and installed the Shared into Sanakht's body as part of the ritual to enact the second Rubric.[3]

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