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Sanctarro Campaign

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The Sanctarro Campaign was a battle between the Imperium and Necrons in 894.M41.[1]


Korovoskh, Necron Overlord of Sanctarro, looses his Necron legions against the ash-choked worlds of the neighbouring Vjalborg system. Korovoskh has no pressing need for the worlds, but hopes to challenge Imotekh for rule of the Sautekh Dynasty. Thus do billions of Imperial citizens die solely to prove Korovoskh’s military aptitude. Wherever Korovoskh’s forces attack, Cryptek geomancers send tectonic disruptions rumbling through the bedrock; hives topple into ruins, and subterranean fortresses are crushed flat. Only when the 14th Alphic Dragons and the Raven Guard 3rd Company arrive at Vjalborg do the Necrons meet their first defeats.[1]

Nevertheless, Korovoskh’s phalanxes are seemingly without number, and the new arrivals are badly beset. Ultimately, the tide of the campaign is turned by the arrival of Strike Force Ultra, under the command of Severus Agemman. Leaving the Raven Guard and the Tempestus Scions to defend Vjalborg, Agemman leads a demi-company of Ultramarine veterans to Sanctarro itself. Though numbering fewer than fifty Space Marines, the strike force succeeds in breaching the flux-shields around Korovoskh’s palace and, in a final battle beneath the Oblivion Gate, destroy Korovoskh and his royal court.[1]