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Scintillan Fusiliers

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Scintillan Fusiliers Guardsman

The Scintillan Fusiliers are Imperial Guard Regiments from the world of Scintilla.[1]


The Scintillan Fusiliers is the name given to the combined arms groups hailing from the capitol world of Scintilla. Composed largely of mechanised and line infantry regiments with a handful of armoured formations and Grenadier units, the men and women of the Scintillan Fusiliers are drawn from the best and brightest that the Scintillan nobility has to offer.[1]

In general, the men and women of the Scintillan Fusiliers rarely join its ranks out of some sense of duty to the Imperium, the Emperor, or even their home world. Instead, most have self-serving aspirations behind their choice to take up the life of a soldier. For some, it is a form of rebellion, a way to get back at overbearing parents for the numerous egregious offences heaped upon their children. For others it is simply a lark, a way to pass the time and avoid the dullness of the Scintillan salon society and have adventures that they believe will have as small chance of personal risk. Some are also second and third sons and daughters, children with little to inherit in the twisted web of Scintillan society.[1]

Many officers are in the regiment simply to further their political or social goals, or to gain wealth and glory and eventually a highly-paid and respected administration position as a general officer with a noble title, a staff, and a generous stipend from the Departmento Munitorum. Whatever their reasons, there are precious few among the Scintillan Fusiliers who see their duty as anything but a means to an end. They are rarely deployed far from Scintilla, and when they are it is in the softest and most luxurious billets available in theatre. A large portion of the soldiers of most Scintillan Fusiliers regiments, even a surprising number of infantrymen, are accompanied by a servant, adjutant, or other lackey to assist in day-to-day tasks.[1]

Notable Regiments