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Dark Eldar Scourge

A Dark Eldar Scourge is a particularly rich and daring individual who has submitted himself to a haemonculus's attention - having his bones hollowed out, powerful wings grafted to his frame and new bands of muscle and adrenaline dispensers added to his torso so that he is capable of true flight. Unlike other armies, who have assault-oriented jump-troops, Scourges carry heavy weapons into battle, often employed for hit-and-run tactics against vehicles and heavy infantry. A scourge squad leader is known as a Solarite.[2a]


Scourges have access to a range of powerful ranged weapons, including Splinter Cannons, Dark Lances, shredders, heat lances, haywire blasters, blasters and shardcarbines.[2b]

Known Scourge Gangs

  • The Black Pinion[1]

Notable Scourges


A Squad of Dark Eldar Scourges