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Scourging of Kerrack

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The Scourging of Kerrack took place in 932.M41.[1]

When the primitive harvester clans of the Agri-World of Kerrack begin an uprising against their Imperial overseers, the world falls to anarchy and war. Warlord Mahaur the Harvester and his Khorne-worshiping Slaughterkin are found to be behind the Cults that spring up across Kerrack. The ensuing war is fought on foot beneath the dense canopy and air-to-air in the skies above. Large numbers of the native PDF militia turning traitor and begin worship of the dark gods. Victory for the Imperium only comes when the Star Phantoms arrive and launch an immediate and devastating attack upon the rebel stronghold of Calder's Ark, slaying the Harvester and driving the Slaughterkin from Kerrack.[1]