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Segas was the first Chaplain of the Scythes of the Emperor Chapter of Space Marines.[1]


Segas was a Chaplain of the Ultramarines at the time of the Third Founding. Seeking to remove evidence of Guilliman's defiance of his own Codex Astartes by maintaining a phantom 11th Company, Chapter Master Tigris Decon sent Segas to Sotha to offer Captain Oberdeii, the last surviving member of the Aegida Company, a choice of reassignment to the 5th Company or continuing to guard the Pharos as Master of a new 'Aegida Chapter'. Oberdeii, initially appalled that Rogal Dorn had initiated another founding, reluctantly agreed to found a new Chapter, but chose to name them the Scythes of the Emperor.[2]

After his death, his remains were interred on the reliquary world of Egottha.[1]