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The space ruled by the Imperium is divided into five fleet zones known as the Segmentae Majoris.[2] The galaxy is such a vast place that it would be unmanageable without this system.


Each Segmentum has its own Imperial Navy and Merchant Fleets, as well as a Segmentum Fortress or Segmentum Naval Base that forms the base of fleet operations within the Segmentum. The Segmentum fleet commanders are known as the Lord High Admirals.[1] The Segmentum Fortress is controlled directly by a high-ranking official of the Administratum known as the Master of the Segmentum.

Although intended for purposes of fleet administration and shipping controls, the Segmentae have evolved into administrative divisions of the Adeptus Terra.[1]

The Segmentae Majoris and their fortresses are:

Segmentum Zone Base
Segmentum Solar Centre Mars
Segmentum Obscurus North Cypra Mundi
Segmentum Pacificus West Hydraphur
Ultima Segmentum East Kar Duniash
Segmentum Tempestus South Bakka

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